Travelling With HIV: What You Need to Know

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Sun, sea, sand and endless hours being spent doing whatever makes you happy. That is what a holiday means to most of us. The main purpose of taking a holiday is to get away from the day to day routine, relax and recharge. Whether your idea of holiday happiness is taking a short city break or spending two weeks on a beach soaking up the sun, if you are travelling with HIV there are a few things to consider.

Travelling with HIV Medication

As with any medical condition, it is important to make sure you remember to take a sufficient amount of medication when taking medication abroad. Travelling with HIV medication is no different. If you take medication regularly for a medical condition, it is always as good idea to take a few extra doses just in case you are unexpectedly delayed. It’s also important to check any restrictions on taking your HIV drugs abroad. Some countries are much more prohibitive about a broad range of medications including for HIV and so this can make it difficult to get replacement medication. Also ensure you have a signed letter from your GP so you can take them in your hand luggage. 

Travel Vaccinations

Some live vaccinations like tuberculosis are not appropriate for people travelling with HIV. When deciding on the destination for your holiday, it is important to check whether visiting these countries requires a vaccination. If the answer is yes, it is worth speaking to your GP before making the booking to ensure you are able to have the vaccinations.

Travel Restrictions

There are a limited number of countries who have travel restrictions for travellers with HIV. Your local embassy will be able to help you or you can check UNAIDS for any entry restrictions for travellers with HIV before making any travel arrangements.

Travel Safe

Once you have chosen your destination and booked your holiday, it is important to consider travel insurance.

Travelling with HIV, or any other medical condition for that matter, means you will usually need to make a declaration of your HIV status to your insurer. Here at Emerald Life, we have worked with our insurers to provide our customers with a bespoke insurance experience that means you don’t have to declare your HIV status if you are undetectable. Our call centre staff are trained to make sure that you feel comfortable when taking out insurance.

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