What You Need to Know for Safe Travel to Asia

Standard Cover

Enhanced Cover

Despite the affordability of travel insurance, especially for millennials, a surprisingly high number of British travellers – 25 percent – go abroad without taking out any insurance cover.

Choosing to travel safely and stay healthy is vital to ensure a trip is kept to a minimum of medical problems and is full of carefree adventure. If you’re thinking of exploring countries in Asia, there are certain health precautions you should take in order to be prepared for any eventuality, even before you leave. While there are many travel hacks that reduce the stress of holidays, if you’re planning on jetting off to Asia and need the lowdown on what you should do, read on to find out more.

Do your research

Whether you’re travelling to Vietnam, Bali, Thailand or any other Asian-location country, it’s important to research the region before you leave so you know the risks involved. Consider all aspects of your health before travelling by checking any warnings or foreign advice on the UK government website relating to specific countries. Be aware of what you need to know if you’re injured or fall ill while you’re away which will help to be well-equipped for any unexpected situation in relation to your health and welfare. Similarly, read blogs and travel websites which cover Asian safety tips for healthy travelling which will arm you with all the relevant advice you need.

Get travel insurance

Policies and coverage will vary according to what an insurance provider offers so it’s important that you know exactly what you are covered for and whether it includes the countries you’re visiting. Selecting an insurance plan that suits your needs will ensure a better chance of getting the medical help you need if something goes wrong. It’s often a misconception that basic healthcare in Asia is on the cheap side but spending a few nights in a hospital without any insurance will soon see medical bills increase rapidly and many destinations are far away from the nearest hospital so you could find yourself forking out for a very expensive ambulance ride unless you are adequately insured.

Take health precautions

Before you travel, check individual countries for their vaccine requirements and make sure you follow medical advice to safeguard your health. Some vaccinations will need time to let your body develop immunity and usually have to be given many weeks before the date of travel, and these can be done through your GP, the NHS or private health clinic. From a region’s jungles to the most visited cities, diseases can be a common possibility in Asia so having tetanus and rabies shots can help ensure you are protected. Additionally, government advice may state to have medical cover for malaria but you should also bring mosquito repellent incase you are susceptible to being bitten. If you take any prescribed medication, stock up on these before you depart in order to prevent you running out while on your travels.

It’s not difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle while taking a trip to Asia providing you are well prepared before setting off and use your common sense for eating well, staying hydrated and having a healthy approach to your travel plans.