Travel Restrictions to Enter Spain and the EU for Coronavirus or COVID-19

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Travel Restrictions to Enter Spain and the EU for Coronavirus

What you need to know and how we can help.

Note: this blog was written in mid-October 2021. Please check BEFORE you travel that this information is still correct.


The entry requirements for Spain are different depending on your nationality. European Union citizens require only their passports or identity cards; non-EU nationals will also need an entry visa unless they qualify for one of the exemptions outlined below.

While this may be the standard way to enter the country under usual conditions now you will need to check current information on changes to travel due to Covid, we will cover this in our blog post and let you know the entry requirements for Spain based on the situation at the time.

Current situation in Spain due to the Pandemic

Currently, the Spanish Government insists on following their strict Covid 19 rules to assure public health doesn’t suffer. You will be expected to wear a mask while in public places in Spain, this can include shops and public transport. You will need to prove you have tested negative prior to arrival in Spain. Travellers arriving should also make sure to keep good hygiene by keeping their hands away from their eyes and mouth and using hand sanitiser regularly. You are currently not allowed to visit Spain for tourism purposes instead entry rules state you must be legally resident in Spain or be travelling for business. The rules are strict for entering Spain to reduce any unnecessary risks.

The Spanish government requires some areas to keep curfews which means early closure for shops. All travellers are expected to follow the advice of local authorities to best follow the rules.

To enter Spain you will need to have a medical document certifying you have received a negative test in the days leading up to your arrival. If you are fully vaccinated presenting a negative test may not be necessary however, if you know you will test positive you are recommended to stay at home and isolate. To prove your vaccine status you may want to bring an NHS appointment card with you for validation.

Spain entry requirements include 

Documentation certifying that you have met COVID-19 testing requirements with a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT – e.g. PCR, TMA, LAMP or NEAR) within 72 hours prior to arrival in Spain and tested negative.

Or Documentation proving you have been vaccinated 14 days prior to arrival

Under current rules, you are allowed to show a travel document on your mobile phone with a QR code. Vaccination centres will usually send confirmation of a positive or negative test, you may be asked to show an EU digital covid certificate. You may want to also bring a copy in paper format in case anything goes wrong with your phone. even if you fill out an electronic form you may still want to bring a supporting document with you in writing.

If you have any present symptoms make sure to take a diagnostic test and contact your travel provider if this returns positive.

What Covid 19 travel measures have Spain implimented

Local authorities are still on high alert for breaches of Covid rules and you can be taken to a police station if you are seen breaking them. The basic rules implemented by the Spanish government require you to wear masks in public places, wash your hands and keep your distance while in mainland Spain. 

Public health is very important to the Spanish Ministry which is why they keep similar rules across the Canary Islands, mainland Spain and the Balearic islands. 

What if your test is positive for Covid 19 while in Spain

If when you leave Spain you test positive for Covid 19 you will be expected to complete quarantine requirements either with your accommodation provider or a government facility. In some cases, you will be flown back to your country of origin but this depends on the case.

When you eventually test negative you will be expected to show documentation proving you are now healthy so you may be allowed to leave Spain.

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What countries are allowed into spain?

Spanish authorities stated you will be allowed to come to Spain if you are arriving from a low infection area. countries often change on this list so you should check the rules on the government website for the most up-to-date list.

Will you need travel insurance?

While you won’t require travel insurance in order to leave the country you are highly recommended to pick it up in case anything bad happens. At Emerald life, we are an award-winning travel insurance provider and can provide you with the quote you need in just a few minutes. Only a few clicks away!

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What countries can I visit 

It has been announced that the UK’s redlist will have 47 countries removed some including Brazil, Mexico and Haiti

The Uk Government is also now only asking that vaccinated residents of the UK only complete one lateral flow test as opposed to the expensive double testing previously implemented

Anyone coming back to the UK from a red list country will be required to take a test 3 days prior to return and quarantine for 10 days and complete a passenger locator form.

Most countries in Europe and the rest of the world are now open for tourists.

Do I need a health control form?

The Entry requirements Spain has set out mean regardless of age, gender or nationality you will need to fill in a health control form. If due to a medical disability you are unable to complete this form your guardian or carer will be obligated to fill in the form accurately.

Travel advice for european countries 

different European countries will have different rules and regulations however, all will require a valid Passport and travel documents.

You should always check the individual entry requirements for your desired getaway before booking, some countries outside of the European Union require more documentation than other European countries. 

The following documents may be required from you:

Passport – valid for the duration of your trip. 

Return ticket or sufficient funds in order to purchase one. 

Travel Insurance documents (often required). 

Evidence that entry and exit dates suit the purpose of the journey e.g. hotel reservation, a letter from employer etc; if applicable. 

Vaccine authorised vaccination card showing your fully vaccinated status.

A negative covid test 14 days prior to your arrival.

Travelling to Spain 

Whether you’re going to the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, or Mainland Spain travellers arriving should be made aware of the entry rules and keep to what the Spanish authorities are advising. travelling to Spain is currently not possible for tourism however in the summer months it is expected to open up more as the Covid 19 number begins to fall. 

If you plan to return to your home in Spain then you are advised to be fully vaccinated as it will make your time in Spain a lot easier and give you less chance of spreading Covid 19 while there.

For further information, you are advised to read the relevant government websites to find out the most up-to-date news and entry rules.


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