Looking for coach house insurance is a pain.

If you own a property with garages underneath that are leased out to someone else then you need specific cover to take account of that risk.

But you’ll often find that with a lot of home insurance comparison sites you are unable to specify that your property is a coach house.

Sound familiar?

What about calling well-known insurance companies – only to be faced with a call centre agent who, despite their best efforts, doesn’t give you the comfort that they have fully taken your situation into account?

Go Direct

The answer to getting coach house insurance without spending hours on it is often to go direct to relevant insurers who are used to dealing with coach houses.

That means their staff have been briefed on how to handle your situation. A big insurer is unlikely to go to this extent as its not worth their while to deal with very niche products. However, some smaller insurers are able to stay nimble and commit to providing for special situations.

At Emerald Life we have even added a special tab in our staff’s system so that any of our experienced staff can note your coach house when you call and apply the relevant details without leaving you waiting.

You can read more about our coach house cover here.

Is Coach House Insurance Expensive?

If you’re wondering if coach house insurance is expensive then fortunately there is not that much increased risk to the insurer and so the premium shouldn’t be much more than you would expect for a similar property that’s not a coach house with leased garages underneath.

What’s more is that by going direct to the insurer you can be sure you are getting a good price and not paying an inflated rate to cover the cost of featuring on a comparison site. At Emerald we generally avoid comparison sites so as to pass on these savings to you.

However, to get the best price on coach house insurance and avoid paying too much, it is a good idea to shop around.

But that leaves you with the same issue as we started with. How can you find out who provides coach house insurance without going through a comparison site?

Well to help you out here’s a list of some established insurers who publicly state that they can cover coach houses.

Coach House Insurance Brands

Please note that while we have researched brands willing to offer cover for you this does not constitute a recommendation and there may well be other insurers out there more suited to your needs.

Emerald Life

It’s a bit of a cheeky plug admittedly, but in case you hadn’t gathered in the rest of this article we are very happy to take your call. Alternatively you can email us at customerservice@emeraldlife.co.uk to arrange a callback.


Homeshield coach house insurance is from a fellow small specialist who offer a personal service.

If you fill out their form they will send your details to 18 relevant providers for a quote.


Perhaps one of the biggest names here that you might have already heard of, Towergate provide cover for a number of non-standard situations.

RK Shipman

R K Shipman is part of Global Risk Partners Limited (GRP), one of the UK’s top three independent insurance intermediary groups. Their team has more than 40 years of hands-on experience and provide a personal service.