Yes, dogs are absolutely allowed to eat black pudding as part of their diet. 

Black pudding is a type of delicacy found mainly in the UK and Ireland and commonly served as a main meal along with baked potatoes. It is made from pig’s blood and a combination of other ingredients including pork fats and oatmeal.

Would you not want to give your dog as a special treat? 

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Anyone who has not yet appreciated the true taste of the dish might find it off-putting at first glance, maybe even strange to give dogs food containing mainly animal blood. In fact, contrary to what many of us think, most pet treats contain little traces of dried blood as it is a cheap source of animal protein. The next time you decide to go on a shopping trip at the pet store, pay close attention to the food label, you will see that blood sausages are sold in abundance as they are incredibly effective to use for training purposes to keep dogs focused. You can see the results for yourself.

If your dog is new to this, a small quantity of it would be ideal for a treat during the day. You can start off by incorporating the dish a bit in-between meals. Prior to serving your dog, always see the label and check if the dish contains ingredients that are unsafe. If you are unsure, check with your local vet. Please do not hesitate to contact our experts for insurance that suits your dog.

Black pudding related products such as blood sausages are one of top 3 favourites dogs enjoy. If your family eats it regularly for breakfast, share a minuscule portion with your four legged friend, he/she is bound to love it, and you will see there will be nothing left uneaten. 

You can always get creative with dog food. Browse for ideas on your favourite site and try coming up with treats made from leftover ingredients in the fridge. Think of it as preparing a wholesome home-cooked meal for your loved ones. While store bought snacks tend to last longer, the quality of self-prepared treat is unrivaled. Please check out our insurance plan to get a free digital consultation from your vet.

One great piece of advice for animal lovers out there; you can make homemade treats such as chicken cookies that are of top-notch quality and taste. They aren’t much different from the ones you would typically get from the shop, except that it’s cooked with much healthier ingredients.

Introducing new foods to your dog is always welcome. Keep in mind though, never ever give dogs treats that contain toxic ingredients. Raw diet is also not recommended. Please be sure to check out our site for more information on insurance.

Is pudding bad for dogs?

Pudding is not necessarily bad for dogs. Like any meat-based products, it is a good source of animal protein for the provision of amino acids needed for proper body functions. Pet owners, however, need to be aware that most black pudding is processed and often contains high amounts of fats, artificial seasonings and toxic ingredients. Dried black pudding sticks is one of many pudding related dog treats used as rewards during training.

Can you eat black pudding raw?

Black pudding can be eaten right away. Pre-packaged black pudding has already been cooked to avoid contamination during production. There are plenty of ways to serve this dish, some like it grilled, steamed, deep-fried, while others enjoy it straight out of the pack. Please be aware black pudding sold in supermarket chains are sometimes displayed next to raw meat, if that’s the case, you need to reheat thoroughly before eating.

Is pudding good for dogs?

Pudding is generally good for dogs, but best given only as special treats. It is packed with nutrients and a good source of protein. When consumed in small amounts, pudding can be used to complement dogs’ diets. Depending on the ingredients used, some may contain toxic ingredients, and as a result dogs may develop allergic reactions after consuming. If there are signs of physical symptoms, you may want to see a vet and address this immediately. Otherwise, you can give it occasionally. Always know what you feed your dog and remember to consult your local vet before introducing new foods.

Is black pudding good for you?

Many are not aware of its health benefits, it is a vital source of protein and fibre, it can keep you satiated and full longer. As it is made primarily from pig’s blood, it is rich in iron, but be mindful each product may differ in nutritional content. It is relatively high in fats, calories and salt, and should be consumed in limited amounts, not eaten as an everyday breakfast meal. The recommended intake should be no more than twice a week. Try and search for recipes on an internet site that teaches how to make low-calorie pudding that is cooked with minimal oil.