Pugs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United Kingdom, originally from ancient China with their famed short muzzle and allegedly (by owners of pugs!) superior lineage. What else can we say to start?

As a result, many people may be wondering about the purchase price of a Pug. But often people ask why are pugs so expensive?

How much is this breed going to set you back if you want to buy it from a breeder or purchase it from an animal shelter? The answer might surprise you! 

We will also explore pug insurance and why this type of protection can be smart for your new family member.

How much should you pay for a Pug?

The cost you will be expected to pay for a pug largely depends on the area and quality of your breeder. 

What do pugs cost?

Pug price will go up if you purchase your dog from a reputable breeder. Puppy farms may be a cheaper option but are never recommended as they are known to breed unhealthy dogs in very poor conditions. 

If you buy your pug puppy from good pug breeders they will more likely be healthy puppies and cost you less down the line on insurance – as well as having a happier life.

Buying pedigree pugs also know as a purebred pug can fluctuate in price to be more or less expensive than a mixed dog however, they are more likely to develop health problems as they have less genetic diversity.

How long do Pugs live?

Most pugs will have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. This means you should really think about the long term when you are weighing up your puppy price tag.

Unfortunately pugs are known for health problems they can run into some breathing problems early on, this can affect average lifetime costs which is why you may want to consider purchasing pet insurance. 

Health issues can potentially be very expensive for your dog and can make pugs so expensive over their lifetime, even with older retired pugs.

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How much is a puppy vaccination?

Dog owners should make sure their Pug puppy receives all of its relevant health tests including getting vaccinated early on. 

If you get your Pug from a reputable breeder it may have already received its relevant vaccinations. Your pug should receive its vaccinations as a puppy, you may want to take it for a vet check to see which vaccinations it will require.

Pet insurance for Pug Puppies

So how much does a Pug insurance cost?

When you try to buy a Pug another cost factor you should consider is pet insurance. Postcode and age of your Pug are the main factors involved in determining your pug’s cost of insurance. 

Whether you have a pug puppy or an adult pug can change the price due to the increased risk of health issues at a later age.

Postcode can also affect pug cost as some areas are safer than others for dogs and some have more or less expensive vets which can affect your premium. 

Pug insurance can be expensive depending on your area and the risk of illness for the dog. As pugs do have common breed problems (such as pug dog encephalitis or brachycephalic dogs) then this will have an effect on how much does a pug insurance policy cost.

Pug insurance is more expensive if you have an older Pug or one that has health problems.

Is my Pug from a puppy farm?

Pet quality should be seen as more important than Pug price when buying puppies. A well-bred pug will live a longer and happier life than one from a puppy farm.

To spot a Pug from a puppy farm you should look out for signs of illness or the breeder having a large number of dogs at the same time. 

Always buy a Pug from a reputable breeder as health conditions will get you expensive vet bills in the future which will overshadow potentially getting a cheaper dog. 

The pug owner should be able to give you a birth certificate and you should have a good idea about health conditions from the family it came from. 

While it may be harder with reputable breeders because their dogs will have small litters, if you want health and happy pugs from when they are a puppy then as with other pets use a reputable breeder.

And we would add a personal note yere – please don’t use puppy farms. They are cruel and help to spread disease. 

Grooming my Pug

When you receive your new dog you will need to make sure it is well looked after and groomed well. 

To groom your puppies you may want to consider buying a Pug brush. Pugs have short hair but they need to still be brushed regularly.

A pug dog can have a lot of hairballs so you will want to brush them more often than dogs with smooth hair. You should also use the right type of shampoo for your puppy as some may not suit its sensitive skin or cause an allergic reaction.

Exercising my Pug

Pugs are not very active dogs, they are fine with a short walk in the morning but do not want you to overdo it. 

Instead, invest your time into playing games like fetch or tug of war which will get their energy out and help them burn some calories.

Pug feeding guide

A Pug puppy will require a different amount of food to adult dogs so the amount of food can vary greatly. Many breeders will be able to tell you how much to feed your dog but you can also ask a vet if you want to make sure.

Generally, you should feed little dogs at least twice a day with some good quality dog food. Pug monthly cost will largely be determined by how much food your particular dog breed needs.

What colours can a Pug be

A pug can come in many colours, the most common colours are black or fawn (including apricot fawn). You can also get them in silver, apricot and white but this is not very common. How much a pug costs will depend on which colour you choose!

Pugs have so many different characteristics that there’s one for everyone. Black Pugs are often smaller dogs then a fawn Pug, they also have only one coat where a fawn may have two coats.

Living costs of a Pug

The living costs of a baby Pug can differentiate from the costs of big dogs. You will be expected to pay for Grooming tools like a brush and washing materials. 

lifetime cost may include sending your pups to the vet to cover some conditions they have have like skin infections, hip dysplasia. Some purebred puppies have a higher risk of developing health conditions as pedagree normally has less differentiation in genes.

Common Pug health problems

Pug puppies can run into difficulty early on in their lives, as they can have difficulties with breathing and this is called Brachycephalic syndrome.

And for pugs as with any other dog, don’t forget flea treatments.

Another common condition that a Pug may run into during its lifetime would be hip dysplasia which occurs when the ball and socket joint of a dog’s hips don’t fit properly causing excessive friction in movement, leading to pain for your dog over its lifetime.

Because of the breeding challenges, some breeders have to deal with a lot of pugs are born with breathing problems and other health issues, always check your pug’s health 

How to purchase a Pug

When searching for Pug puppies you should look at the breeder’s reputation to see how well they treat puppies and if they have experience with other dogs. You should ask questions like if the puppy’s parents gave natural birth or not. 

Does a reputable breeder generally run health checks? Yes, and they should be willing to share lots of details about the dog breed and its family history. A pedigree breed may be part of the negotiations of how much do pugs cost.

Are Pugs good pets?

Pugs are a very popular breed in the UK, due to their easygoing nature pug puppies can fit into any home. Pugs are also very loyal and protective of their family, so they are very good with children.

Pug puppies typically cost a minimum of £300 – 500 depending on the breeder or if you get one from a rescue centre. Pugs need lots of exercise because they can be lazy but at least once a day

What is a similar breed to a Pug?

If your not looking to buy a Pug and instead want something similar why not look at French Bulldogs, they are similar in appearance and temperament.

French bulldogs also need lots of exercise but can be slightly more stubborn. Frenchies are sometimes compared to bat because of their large ears. If french bulldogs interest you more we also offer insurance cover on them too!

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When will my Pug become an adult?

Baby pugs are cute, but they quickly turn into larger older pugs. Pugs are typically considered as an adult at one year old. Pugs will also grow until three years of age. 

Training your Pug puppy

Pugs don’t take a lot of work to train. They need to be taught the basics including how to sit, stay and come. Some reputable breeders will give their Pugs basic training before handing them over.


While the cost of pet insurance can be expensive, it is worth considering. We are here to help you find a plan that will work for your budget and provide coverage when you need it most! 

Our blog post has provided some considerations on why purchasing pet insurance may be an asset to your family in the future. If this sounds like something you want more information about, let us know. 

One of our team members would love to chat with you about how we could partner together to create a customised solution just for your furry friend!

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What is a similar breed to a Pug?

If your not looking to buy a Pug and instead want something similar why not look at French Bulldogs, they are similar in appearance and temperament.
French bulldogs also need lots of exercise but can be slightly more stubborn. Frenchies are sometimes compared to bat because of their large ears. If french bulldogs interest you more we also offer insurance cover on them too!