To start off, let’s first tackle this burning question – Can dogs eat quorn? 

There are a few things you need to take note of, but by and large, quorn is safe for dogs to eat.

Whilst dogs can eat a relatively small amount of quorn, quorn products should not replace meat altogether. Dogs eat animal protein because it is essential for dogs to maintain normal functioning of their body. So to answer your question – Can dogs eat quorn? Yes, some dogs eat quorn, but their tolerance to quorn food depends on their age and size. 

What is Quorn?

Quorn was first introduced in the UK as a substitute for animal protein. Quorn is made of liquid that is fermented to form a substance called mycoprotein. Quorn food is a prime example of a vegetarian meal and is well-known for its long-term health benefits.

Quorn foods such as chicken nuggets, quorn mince and processed cheese have now become the staple diet of a typical UK household and an affordable option to put food on the table. 

As food technology evolves, humans begin to opt for clean eating and eco-friendly food. Plant-based diet enthusiasts couldn’t be more excited to take on their entire family, including their lovely dog to join in the adventure. Hence, the question, can dogs eat quorn? Do dogs eat quorn? Is quorn a good feed for your dog?

What happens when dogs eat quorn?

There are downsides – Most quorn products are packed with artificial flavourings. Quorn products such as ham, chicken nuggets and sausages were invented solely for human consumption. Unlike dog food, quorn is usually made of basic foods like garlic and onions, and could potentially lead to detrimental consequences for dogs.

Look out for signs of heavy panting, excessive urination and restlessness when dogs eat quorn. Vomiting, anaemia and dehydration in dogs are all symptoms of poor nutritional balance. When dogs eat quorn in massive quantities, it can cause these dogs to become physically weak and ill. 

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As many of us rely on pets for companionship, we need to be extremely diligent with our dogs and be extra careful with the type of feed we give our dogs. Make sure your dogs eat dog food on a regular basis and eat quorn on rare occasions only.

You should ideally consult a vet before introducing new foods to dogs. Just like humans, dogs need six essential nutrients to be well, consisting of fats, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, water and vitamins. Hopefully, this article comes handy to you and answers your question, can dogs eat quorn.

Everything we have discussed here just boils down to one thing – always consult a vet before you incorporate quorn products into your dog’s diet.  

Can dogs eat soya mince?

Quorn mince is in essence a meat-free equivalent version of protein meat, so yes absolutely, dogs can eat quorn as part of their diet. Quorn products contain mycoprotein, largely considered as healthy options, but your dog needs to feed on meat like chicken, and only eat quorn as a special treat. To keep your dog safe and away from harmful food, you may wish to check out Emerald Life pet insurance plan of which some provide 24/7 access to free digital consultations at your local vet.

Can you get food poisoning from quorn?

Quorn is generally safe and not harmful for humans and dogs to eat, but most quorn like sausage is made with a mixture of onion and garlic, both of which are toxic to dogs. It is best for your dog to avoid eating quorn food as it is a major cause of long-term health issues. Stomach upset and diarrhoea are common symptoms that lead to poor health conditions when dogs eat quorn excessively.

Is quorn unhealthy?

Quorn is a healthy substitute to animal protein. Mycoprotein in quorn is rich in calcium, protein and fibre. Quorn products also contain small amounts of indispensable nutrients such as zinc and magnesium our body needs for growth and repair. These quorn products vary greatly in nutritional content, eating only certain types of quorn food may not be suitable for your family, not least your dog. Please check the food label carefully for recommended daily intake for a safe and healthy diet. There has been a handful of studies years ago that suggest quorn products may contain allergens linked to mycoprotein, fake meat essentially made out of plant-based protein. Regardless of its health benefits, moderation is key in all things.

Can dogs eat meat free sausages?

Meat free sausages sold in the market are meant for human consumption and not recommended for dogs. Like any processed foods, meat free sausages contain onion, garlic, onion powder, herbs and spices that are cooked in palm oil, all of which are harmful and toxic to dogs. Prior to feeding your dog quorn food, always take the necessary precautions and consult a vet to make sure quorn products are safe, toxic-free and contain no allergens for your dog to eat. Talk to one of our experts and get your dog covered.

What if you caught your dog eating quorn food?

Do not panic! Monitor your dog for change in behavioural patterns. Take your dog to the vet should you notice anything unusual, otherwise it is completely fine for dogs to eat quorn food as long as they do not contain ingredients like onions and sugary food. One helpful tip is to keep a food diary for your dog so you know what your dog eats. It is also a good idea to have pet insurance for your dog, so you don’t have to incur unnecessary expenses when your dog falls ill.