English Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United Kingdom. 

The cost of owning an English Bulldog, however, can be quite high and they are known as being expensive dogs reliant on good breeding stock. 

There are many health risks that come with having this particular breed and there is also a chance that you will need to get English Bulldog insurance. 

If you want to learn more about what it costs to own a bulldog or how they could affect your finances long-term, keep reading!

When we consider what English bulldog puppies cost, they can now costs thousands of pounds; while a bulldog puppy can cost more than an adult dog in terms of initial cost, many people simply prefer a puppy. 

The average cost of owning one is about £2000 per year due to the high cost of healthcare and proper maintenance for this breed. But that’s a very average figure and the average cost for your particular pet could be much higher. So, it is always worth looking at a good pet insurer. You may wish to consider Emerald Life for our award-winning pet policies.

Bulldogs are prone to many different health problems that may cost you thousands in vet bills each year which is why you should consider purchasing pet insurance, as well as making sure that your puppy has passed health screenings and health clearances before you take your puppy.

How long do bulldogs live?

English bulldog puppies can live for up to 12 years. The average cost of owning a bulldog over the course of their lifetime can be tens of thousands of pounds – but that cost may be even higher if they have serious health problems

How much is a puppy vaccination?

English Bulldog Puppies should be vaccinated at a younger age. Puppies should be vaccinated at eight weeks of age, with the second vaccination taking place three to four weeks later and then an additional vaccine in six months.

Bulldog Health Insurance – bulldogs are prone to many different health problems that may cost you thousands if they have something serious happen to them so it’s important for their owners to either have money on hand, or to have a good pet insurance policy. This breed can be an expensive dog with a hefty price tag because it’s pure bred and does have the ability to have health traits bred out, unlike with mixed breeds.

Pet insurance for bulldog puppies

It is advisable to get health insurance for an English bulldog puppy . This is because bulldogs are prone to many different health problems that may cost you thousands if they have something serious happen to them so it’s important for bulldog owners to prepare ahead of time.

Is bulldog insurance worth the money?

Yes, British bulldog insurance is definitely worth the money as long as your English bulldog puppy has any health issues that bulldog insurance will cover. If your English bulldog has any health problems at all and requires surgery , etc., then it may be better for you to purchase pet insurance rather than pay out of pocket.

Is my bulldog from a puppy farm?

There are a few ways of checking if your english bulldog puppy is from a puppy farm.

  • are they registered with the bulldog club of England?
  • what do you know of the breeder’s reputation? 
  • is their name in pet finder or puppy caner websites? If it’s not then there’s a chance that your bulldog was bred by an unethical breeder. They’re most likely from what is known as a puppy farm which means that you dog will probably develop health conditions or require more frequesnt health testing. responsible breeding helps minimise this risk. If you are comfortable paying higher amounts you may want to buy your bulldog from a pet store or responsible breeders.
  • have you met the puppy’s parents? Sometimes, mothers are kept in squalid conditions and have the puppies taken away as soon as they are born.
  • Are you looking at cheap bulldogs? Remember that bulldogs are expensive.
  • Have the breeders shown you that the puppies have had their puppy shots?

English bulldogs bought from a puppy farm may be inbred, poorly socialised and even suffer from genetic disorders. Dog breeding is an important factor in the growth of a healthy puppy.

You should always do your research on the bulldog breeders you are thinking of buying a bulldog pup off to ensure that they’re reputable. 

Most puppy farms don’t care about the health or quality of their English bulldog puppies. It’s always a good idea to buy from pet stores or a reputable breeder and your dog will thank you for it.

Grooming my bulldog

Part of the English bulldog cost comes down to grooming. Grooming your puppy bulldog is an important part of bulldog ownership. Bulldogs have a short and smooth coat that’s very easy to keep clean as they don’t tend to get dirty too quickly or easily.

When grooming English bulldogs, they should be washed once a week and brushed daily. Bulldogs do not need to have their coat trimmed or shaved, though this is something you can choose to get done at the groomers if you prefer shorter hair on your bulldog.

Make sure that when brushing bulldogs’ teeth they’re properly cleaned and checked for any problems such as tooth decay or cavities

Exercising my bulldog

Your British bulldog breeds can be a factor in how much exercise they need. These dogs are a medium to low energy breed so don’t need too much. 

Bulldogs do best when kept in small or apartment living spaces and will not require long walks through the day as bulldog breeds tend to be lazy.

Bulldogs are known to have breathing, skin and eye issues due to their flat faces so it is important that you take your dog to the vets regularly. 

There are also some practical steps that you can take – make sure that their food and water bowls are accessible and not too high up given the size and shape of this breed. 

Also. if you aren’t around have someone else do the dog walking – they may not be very energetic but a dog like this does need to be exercised.

Bulldog insurance will help with veterinary costs if any health issues arise. The bulldogs wrinkles need cleaning daily as bacteria may build up.

Bulldog feeding guide

A key to having a healthy dog is feeding it the right food, bulldog feeding guide can be found online.

An English bulldog puppy’s food includes bulldog treats, bulldog puppy food and bulldogs dog kibble. you should experiment with different dog food to see what your English bulldog prefers. 

The bulldog breed is known to be one of the best family pets due to their friendly nature but they do require someone who has time for them as bulldogs are not very active dogs. english bulldogs love nothing more than lying around with their owners which makes them perfect pets for families

What colours can a bulldog be

An English bulldog puppy can be found in a range of colours. Although bulldogs are associated with being white, you can find them in other colours such as brindle, fawn and pied colourings too! Basically you can get most colours of bulldog, although you may not be able to tell what colour they will become when they are adults, so just love your dog for who they are, not what they look like!

Living costs of a bulldog

An English bulldog price can vary depending on your location. The English bulldog breed is not in high demand at the moment in some areas due to their health problems and they are seen as “unhealthy” dogs by many people.

Often however, this is simply down to poor breeding practices which there has been a lot of evidence for puppy farming lately and bad treatment in pet shops.

They can live up to 11-12 years which can total £30,000 in costs over their lifetime. The average sized Bulldog will eat around 750g of food a day which can range from £20-£40 per month depending on the quality brand you buy. 

English bulldog price changes a lot depending on the bulldog breeder and the current crazy market because of lockdown, COVID and the like.

Common bulldog health problems

As the most common issue, bulldog puppies may develop breathing problems due to their flat noses, they may also have skin allergies and require special food. 

Where you got your bulldog puppies can indicate how healthy it will be some English bulldog breeders keep their bulldog puppies in small cages and keep multiple bulldog puppies in one cage. 

This is not recommended.

Health conditions for your English bulldog puppy could include brachycephalic syndrome which is a respiratory condition due to the bulldog’s short face, umbilical hernia where you will need an operation if it gets bigger. breeding English bulldogs poorly is linked in increase health risk.

Once your English bulldog reaches ages four to five he or she may develop problems with their joints and bones as they are prone to joint issues including but not limited too hip dysplasia.

How to purchase a bulldog

If you are looking to buy an English bulldog make sure to purchase one from a reputable bulldog breeder.

You want some several things when looking at buying your new addition, you will want to check the parents of your bulldog puppy for health conditions that are possibly hereditary such as dysplasia or patellar luxation. 

Vet bills can add up to a lot which is why you should make sure to get pet insurance. 

Remember, if you are looking at female English bulldogs for breeding when looking at puppies for sale, then bear in mind that insurance does not cover standard pregnancy, only complications (although they will often cover newborn bulldogs in that case as well).

If possible it is best to have both parents but some puppy mills and reputable breeders wont have that option available.

The English bulldog average price may fluctuate depending on pet stores or if you have bought it at a puppy mill. Again, and we say this a lot at Emerald, DO NOT buy your dog from a puppy farm.

Are bulldogs good pets?

English bulldogs bought from a reputable breeder are likely to make great pets. They are calm and easy going, non-aggressive towards other dogs or pets. 

However, they do require a lot of attention! Make sure that you have the time to give them at least an hour each day for exercise so they can get out all their energy.

If possible it is best to be home during the day with your English bulldogs or French bulldog puppy. You should look for a good breeder when purchasing your English bulldog as it may increase your chance of getting a pleasent dog.

What is a similar breed to a bulldog

Dogs similar to english bulldogs include pugs, french bulldog puppies, shih tzus and chihuahuas. All of these are great quality dogs you may want as similar dog breeds

So why do so many people choose bulldogs? 

So many people choose english bulldog puppies as a canine companion because they are sweet natured dogs that have a huge personality packed into their small frame! 

They can be kept in small spaces or apartments without too much trouble due to their generally low level of energy.

When will my bulldog become an adult?

English bulldogs are considered adults after their first birthday. at this age they may already be showing signs of developing health issues such as hip dysplasia and breathing trouble.

A one year-old english bulldog may weigh around 20 pounds, and they can grow to between 30-50 pounds by the time they are fully grown.

If you have a full breed English bulldog, then even the fact of getting an English bulldog is expensive – but it’s not just about how much money you need to spend at the moment of getting your dog – there are plenty of costs that come for English bulldog owners.

Training your bulldog puppy

In short, all dogs need training, even docile ones like those that are the subject of this article. Never skimp on the costs of training as this will only come back to bite you – as might your dog! 

Find a well-recommended local trainer, or puppy group. There will be websites of recommendations, as people lover talking about their dogs, or ‘furry family’! It is vital that puppies get to meet other dogs, but also different people – tall and short, young or old, people in hats, people in motorcycle helmets, people in uniform (postman!) so that they aren’t startled as they get older.

Some English bulldogs may be trained at their puppy mills or by a reputable breeder but that’s unlikely in the case of puppy farms. Again, and in short, stay away from puppy mills of puppy farms offering puppies for sale.

There will still be some work once you become the bulldog owner. English bulldogs training may include: house training, leash and collar training, crate training and similar.

Make sure you take your dog to socialisation classed and a trainer as well – don’t leave it to chance. Remember, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!


English bulldogs are a very popular pet because they are small, but also have lots of personality. 

In short, it’s a dog’s life and as wonderful dogs they can make wonderful pets!

One downside to this is that these pets require special care and attention due to their unique needs. 

If you want your English or French bulldog as part of the family, then it’s important that you take proper precautions for them in case something should happen. That’s where Bulldog Insurance comes into play! 

Our team has created an easy way for you or someone close to you to get excellent coverage at affordable rates so there will be no need worry about how things would work out if anything were ever to happen with your furry friend. 

Buy our insurance today and feel confident knowing that everything could go smoothly even when accidents happen without worrying about costs. To find out more looks us up at Emerald Pet.

What caused the huge Increase in bulldog prices?

So what’s the issue with the cost of an English bulldog, or any bulldog for that matter – and the high average cost?

The cost of bulldogs have increased over the years due to an increase in popularity, their size is one of the most obvious reasons they are becoming more popular, as well as their energy levels. The price for a French bulldog used to be a fraction of what it is now.

Looking at all dogs, there has been a steep increase. Their prices can range low thousands to several thousand, if not more sometimes, depending on where you look and how

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