Sara and Greg’s dog Daisy went missing from their shop, Dvine Cellars, in Clapham, South London. After searching the local area thinking she had just walked off, it was only on checking the shop’s CCTV that they saw that Daisy was dognapped.

They responded quickly by flyering the local area, including community noticeboards and public transport. They said that informing both the police and Transport for London made the process much easier and they received excellent help and advice from them. They also posted on social media, although stressed that the fast distribution of flyers was their most effective response.

Thankfully it was not long before someone saw the poster in a Sainsbury’s supermarket and called Greg to say that they had seen Daisy with a woman outside the local pub. Greg immediately ran down the road and snatched the leash from her hand.

Looking back on the experience, Sara and Greg reflected on some of their top actions to find their lost dog.