What should dog owners look for in a new car? All Car Leasing questioned more than 1000 dog owners to find out the best car for dog owners.

The importance of safety in your vehicle cannot be undermined, and that’s both inside and outside of the vehicle. One incredibly important factor that we must not forget applies to dog-owners, and that’s remembering to ensure maximum safety for your pooch, as well as yourself of course!

Key Findings

• Travelling with an unrestrained dog in the car could lead to a criminal offence

• 21% never let their dog in their car

• Dog smell and dog hair are the main reasons

• 62% of those who allow their dogs in the car take them into consideration with a new vehicle purchase

• A large boot, easy boot access and quality seats being the most desirable features

• 1 in 3 dog owners admitted driving their car without their dog securedHomeward Hound - Dog Owners And Their Cars


Homeward Hound byAll Car Leasing