If you have more than one pet our multi pet insurance comes with a generous 10% multi pet discount so you can make sure all your pet companions have good quality cover for a good price.

EmeraldPet is a high quality pet insurance product provided by Covea Insurance for Emerald Life, the insurer dedicated to equality and diversity for all its customers. We know how important your pet is to you and so provide pet insurance alongside our offerings of home and travel insurance to protect you and what you care about most.

We offer four levels of flexible cover up to £7,500 of medical expenses per year with our lifetime policy, plus a range of complementary features and paid add-ons. Call us today or get a quote online now.

Why Buy Multi Pet Insurance?

The main benefit of a multi pet insurance policy is not just a discount, but also the time saving and convenience of having all your pets on the same policy if you have more than one pet.

You can apply for all your pets at the same time on the same quote using our fast online quote form or call us to get a quote over the phone.

Having all your pets on the same multi pet policy means you only have to get to know one policy and quickly get to grips with what it covers – although we always recommend you shop around to find the best pet insurance cover for you. That includes whether you have one pet or many more as different insurers will offer different policies and prices as well as different levels of multi pet discount.

What’s more, it is also helpful to have your multi pet policy renewing for all your pets at the same time. You also don’t need to worry too much about a large upfront cost as EmeraldPet can be paid monthly at no extra cost, including your multi pet discount.

What is Multi Pet Insurance?

Multi pet insurance doesn’t normally differ much from a singular pet insurance policy. But instead of having a separate policy for each of your pets you can have one multi pet policy that can save you time and money.

Pet insurance is valuable business – which means it costs insurers a lot in advertising to get customers. Therefore, it makes sense for them to insure all your pets for a multi pet discount once they have you as a customer.

They get more business, you get a multi pet discount and everyone saves time by putting all your pets on a multi-pet policy rather than dealing with lots of separate policies.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Whether multi pet or singular, pet insurance works by providing cover for eligible vet fees within 12 months. There are a variety of options out there like lifetime cover, time-limited and accident only cover which all have their pros and cons. Lifetime tends to be the most expensive but it is also the most comprehensive.

Lifetime Cover

Lifetime cover policies – which is what we provide with EmeraldPet – offer you an allowance of cover each year for medical fees and that resets each year you hold the policy. If your pet develops medical conditions while on the policy, that condition remains covered for as long as you keep renewing the policy.

EmeraldPet also comes with complementary extras like homeopathy and acupuncture and training and behavioural treatments.

Time-Limited Cover

Time limited pet insurance policies are more basic and offers a set amount of cover for medical expenses within a given timeframe, usually a year. However there is no ongoing cover so if a medical condition is not resolved within a year you can’t claim for it again.

Accident Only

This type of pet insurance needs little further explanation. This type of cover aims to help with medical costs arising from injury but not health conditions.

When To Buy Multi Pet Insurance?

It may seem counter-intuitive to pay for pet insurance when your pets are young and healthy. Especially as the last thing you want to think about is them becoming ill or injured.

However, the vast majority of pet insurance policies don’t cover pre-existing medical conditions. That means if you pet develops a medical condition before you buy insurance, most policies won’t cover any vet fees arising from that condition.

In fact, most pet insurance also excludes any medical conditions that show symptoms within the first 14 days since you bought the policy.

Therefore, it makes sense to buy pet insurance when your pets are young and healthy so that you can lock in that security of having future medical conditions covered before it’s too late.

Remember that we as humans are very bad at predicting the future – especially the likelihood of bad things happening. Just look at big world-changing events like the 2008 Great Recession. Afterwards these events seem inevitable and yet barely anyone saw them coming.

But unlike big world-changing events, medical problems are a part of life for humans and pets. Your cherished companions will hopefully live a long and happy life but are likely to encounter illnesses and injuries as part of that.

The severity and how much those will cost to treat can vary significantly. The benefit of pet insurance is you can control some of that risk by paying a set monthly or annual fee to provide a set level of cover.

We provide four different cover levels to account for different budgets so you can opt for as low as £1000 in vet fees per year or up to £7,500 per year

At Emerald Pet you can get pet insurance from when your pets are just eight weeks old so you can get cover very early.

How Do Excesses Work?

Excesses are a common part of most insurance products and represent the contribution you pay towards any claims. With car and home insurance this is normally quite a simple set amount.

However, with pet insurance excesses are a little more complicated depending on your type of pet and their age. A lot of pet policies also include what is called “co-insurance” where you are expected to pay a small percentage of any claims on top of your excess.


  • Whilst under 8 years old – £85
  • Once 8 years old and over – £95 and a further 15% of the cost of the treatment


  • Whilst under 8 years old – £100
  • Once 8 years old and over – £110 and a further 15% of the treatment

What Pets Are Covered?

Like most pet insurance, multi pet insurance policies typically cover cats and dogs which is exactly what we do at EmeraldPet. Unfortunately we can’t help with rabbits, horses and other animals but there may be providers out there who also offer multi pet insurance for them.