Rottweiler insurance from a reliable insurance company can help guard against the financial costs of vet fees for common health issues your Rottweiler may face, or the care it may need.

With EmeraldPet you can insure your Rottweiler, whether a puppy, rescue dog or older, with four levels of flexible cover from £1000 to £7,500 of vet bills, plus a range of optional add-ons such as missing pet advertising and reward costs, travel cover and third party liability. We cannot cover every eventuality but we aim to help you be sure that you find the right plan, with the right information from day one about how we can help with your pet’s health.

“Research suggests that Emerald Pet Insurance offer excellent value for money and are very competitively priced for the high levels of cover provided. Even taking into account the optional extras. When these are removed, they are even more competitively priced.”


We also include complementary treatments for your Rottweiler including training and clinical diets as part of our mission to be an insurance company that truly looks out for its customers.

EmeraldPet has also partnered with First Vet to allow you access to video vet appointments when you need an expert opinion without having to leave home.

While the Rottweiler breed is not traditionally seen as a family pet compared to other dog breeds, they are extremely loyal and playful, with a glossy short coat, and so are a very popular dog in the UK among the various breeds. They can enjoy grooming, training and the like.


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At EmeraldPet* we believe you should have effortless access to expert vet care. That’s why we offer free digital consultations through FirstVet with qualified vets in your local area.

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Why Buy Insurance For Your Rottweiler?

As pets age they become more likely to develop health issues that require a visit to the vet. Such treatments can cost thousands of pounds. In fact, recent advances in veterinary sciences mean we are now able to treat more than ever, but that does come at a much higher cost than in previous years.

For that reason, pet insurance can help you prepare in case your dog is ill or injured and needs medical care in the future.

There are a variety of pet insurance policies available but the most common are lifetime cover and time limited cover.

Time limited pet insurance tends to be the cheaper option – though often not as cheap as an accident only policy – but is quite limited as a result. Time limited pet insurance provides a level of vet fees cover for a year, but after that year that medical issue will be regarded as a pre-existing condition for health and so will be excluded from most policies.

Lifetime pet insurance on the other hand stays active for as long as you keep renewing and if your pet develops health issues then these should also be covered as long as you have cover.

For instance, the Rottweiler breed is at a higher risk of hip dysplasia than a lot of dogs. Therefore if you already have pet insurance in place then it should cover the cost of treatment. If in three years time your dog needs treatment again for the same condition then you will still be able to claim as long as you have kept renewing your policy.

On the other hand if you have a time-limited policy only the first treatment would be covered as after the time limit hip dysplasia would then be excluded from future policies.

Similarly it pays to get pet insurance when your pet is young and healthy rather than waiting specifically so that you are not too late should any medical conditions start to show symptoms.

Most pet insurance policies exclude all pre-existing conditions as well as any conditions that start showing symptoms within the first 14 days of the policy start date.

What illnesses are Rottweilers prone to?

The Rottweiler is more likely to develop a range of medical conditions than other dogs and so you should make sure when looking for pet insurance that these are covered by the insurance. In general, a good pet insurance policy will pay out for these kinds of unforeseen illnesses providing no symptoms showed before you bought the policy.

Specific Illnesses:

Joint Issues

Athritis and hip dysplasia are both common in older Rottweiler dogs, but not usually in a puppy, which may prevent proper exercise. You should therefore look out for any discomfort during exercise that suggests your dog is not physically well, especially around the hip joint. A course of action depends on the severity but could involve lifestyle changes, surgery and physiotherapy for your dog.


A Rottweiler is quite prone to tumours so you should watch out for anything unusual, which you can do by visual inspection or during grooming.

Heart Problems

While a healthy and energetic dog the heart of a Rottweiler can also present issues later in life.

Digestive Issues

A form of bloating known as gastric dilatation volvulus can cause the stomach to twist, cutting off the blood supply to the stomach as well as other organs. This can be fatal if left untreated.

Third Party Liability Insurance

If your dog injures someone, another dog our causes property damage then you could face legal action. Dog bites are more common in the UK than you would expect.

Rottweilers are very active in and out of the home and can easily become aggressive and so third party liability insurance could be an important investment. We offer this as an optional extra with EmeraldPet.

Dog liability cover provides you with up to £1,000,000 in legal fees if you face legal action as a result of your Rottweiler. There is also cover for vet fees if your dog injures another dog.

It is important with dog third party liability insurance that you understand the exclusions of the policy. Dogs registered under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act are excluded along with any cross-breeds, although Rottweilers are not on the list.

We also cannot cover any dog that has previously shown aggressive tendencies, so rather like common health problems it makes sense to buy pet insurance sooner rather than later.

What Can’t I Claim For?

We’ve already explained some of the big exclusions of pet insurance – the most significant being that you cannot claim for medical conditions that showed symptoms before you bought the policy or within 14 days of starting the insurance.

For Rottweilers with pre-existing conditions you might need to consider a specialist insurance company.

Some insurers have restrictions on the age of your pet and when you can buy insurance. With EmeraldPet we have no upper age limit to start cover and can provide insurance to puppies from just eight weeks old.

However, you should also be aware of some other insurance exclusions people often miss when trying to find the best and right pet insurance for you and your Rottweiler. These tend to be common and so finding an insurance company that does not exclude them may be difficult.

  • Pregnancy
  • Castration
  • Vaccinations
  • Dentistry – unless required because of injury

Rottweiler Insurance Excesses

The excess is another key consideration when buying an insurance policy as this is how much you will contribute towards any claims.

Pay attention to these as the excess will have an impact on the price you pay for pet insurance and some companies will offer low prices but a high excess that means any claims would be much more expensive. The best pet insurance should aim to find a middle ground between a low price and low excess to give you the right balance.

For dogs this depends on the age of your Rottweiler and isn’t impacted by breed.

Rottweilers under 8 years at the date of treatment have an excess of the first £100 for each condition annually.

Rottweilers over 8 years at the date of treatment require the first £110 plus 15% of the remaining cost of treatment per condition annually.

Different types of claims also have different excesses, such as third party liability and travel cover.

What Does Rottweiler Insurance Cost?

The price of pet insurance is affected by a number of factors such as age, breed and location because an insurance company has to try and judge what any potential claims may cost.

Generally Rottweilers are a fairly expensive breed to insure but this is all relative – they are normally cheaper than a lot of dogs like French Bulldogs and Pugs.

Nevertheless different companies will have different pricing for Rottweilers and so it is worth shopping around as some companies may view them as less of a risk than others.

Don’t forget that if you have multiple pets then you can take advantage of our 10% multi-pet discount for your Rottweiler along with any other dogs you have.