Stewart Vickers

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Digital Marketing

Stewart Vickers entered digital marketing while studying History of Art at University College London. He began as an online content writer for a high-end men’s accessories brand, followed quickly by becoming one of the first hires at an online magazine startup alongside editorial alumni from CBS and The Sunday Times where he was involved in making traditional journalism fit modern social media.

He has since pursued other independent ventures based around online content and search engine optimisation – targeted to fit the needs of niche communities.

Stewart’s many subcultures form a significant part of his life, from heavy metal to goth and vintage fashion. In terms of diversity, he has always found himself an outsider and feels the needs of communities beyond just the categories of LGBT.

Stewart’s thoughts on Emerald: “Working with Steve and Heidi in a company that is all about social impact has been a rewarding experience. Since joining we have seen the transformation of our technology to become far more streamlined and user-friendly as we build momentum to help more people find the financial protection that’s right for them.