3 Top New Years Resolution Ideas

The gym is full and January blues don’t lend themselves to a diet easily. What are the best New Years’ resolutions that are actually achievable, or even pleasurable?

  1. Sort Out The holiday

    So this might not be a game-changing lifestyle choice like giving up smoking. But it’s a simple thing you can do for yourself that still carries long-term results. Rather than making a last-ditch decision that ends up costly and unsatisfying, start searching now. You could save money booking a holiday by doing the research and planning yourself rather than relying on a package holiday. Schedule the time off work to avoid any negotiations when everyone else has beaten you to it. You may want to consider travel insurance to protect your holiday and we make it easy to get a quote online in minutes.

  2. Renew Your Home Insurance

    Did you know that switching home insurance provider can be a top way to save money? If you automatically renew your policy then there is a good chance your premium has got more expensive as insurance companies give cheaper home premiums to new customers. The long nights of January are an ideal time to sit down and sort out that money pit. Here at Emerald we guarantee to beat your existing renewal by 10%. That’s surely a much better occupation than paying to get up early and queue for a damp cross-trainer.


  3. Save Money

Insurance aside, now is a great time to check your bills and direct debits. This is not as painful as it used to be thanks to a range of finance apps that read your transaction history and can track wasted spend. Have you signed up for one too many charity payments in the street? Do you need all those video streaming services? Reward yourself by deciding what to do with the savings – save for the long term or treat yourself to more holiday money.