We love Borrow My Doggy (BMD) here at Emerald. In fact we have used BMD for our dogs.

It’s a great idea – by matching dog owners with dog walkers then the dog owner can take some time off and the dog walker, who usually does not have their own dog, can spend time with someone else’s dog.

As ever, we need to talk insurance – does your dog insurance cover your dog in the case that it bites someone when with a dog walker for example? A professional dog walker with have their own insurance but that might not be the case here.

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Emerald Pet Insurance

Whether or not you use BMD, you will still need to consider a decent pet insurance. Try Emerald – it’s award winning! You can get a quote from us at www.emeraldlife.co.uk/pet-insurance.

There’s insurance for you with BMD

Happily, BMD’s own website has the answers:

The BMD insurance is provided by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc. and is as follows:

  • Owners and borrowers are covered for any liability they may have for damage or injury caused by a dog while it is with the owner or being loaned to a borrower up to £1 million each.
  • The cost of emergency vet’s fees for injury to a dog whilst it is being borrowed, up to a maximum of £1,500.

BMD recommends that borrowers should take out their own third party insurance policy for damage the dog may cause and veterinary expenses which result from an accident or illness which occurs when the dog is not in BMD’s care.

Is everyone great on BMD?

We all love dogs and dog walking (in most weathers!). And it’s great to have someone dog sit for you.

BMD is full of good safety tips on meeting dog walkers, safety for you and your dog, meet-ups etc and there are some great review on the doggy site. It’s always good to see a lovely review for lovely dogs.

Making new friends

BMD is also a good space not just for wonderful borrowers but also a brilliant idea to meet new friends who love a good walk.

It’s also a where every if you have your own dog you can spend time with other dogs – if you love dogs, why not love more dogs!! For a few hours a week you can spend time with a lovely dog, or have them spend time with a lovely family on a regular basis.

How does it work?

The concept for BMD is very simple. You register as an owner or a walker, and then walkers can message owners asking for a dog for a walk or a meet.

The registration involves checking both borrowers and walkers against a central database to prevent fraud etc, with codes being sent to your mobile phone, at which point once you verify that code then you are in.

The service is free but you get more features if you buy the premium service.

What if it goes wrong?

There are no issues with dogs going missing but in the review sections on websites there are some (only a few) where some walkers have found it hard to match up with dog owners, which must be hard if you love dogs but can’t find a dog to walk.

Here are a couple of examples. BMD always replies and tries to explain that it can be hard to find dogs if you are not a premium member, which gives you access to all dogs.

An absolute fraud. Do not waste your money here!

I bought the premium membership almost 4 months ago and still have yet to take a dog for a walk. Despite reaching out to the customer services for support, I’ve still had no responses from any of their members. The customer service just keeps looping me back round to the FAQs about how to contact walkers. I’m following the guidelines and still nothing. I’ve asked the customer service to help broker a conversation directly with any of their members and have heard nothing back. I’ve requested this 3 times and each time they have said yes and then done nothing. I’ve asked for a refund, since I haven’t benefited in any way from paying for this service and have been denied the refund. I would dissuade anyone from paying money to this company. I can’t say I’ve received any sort of service that warrants spending your cash, especially during a pandemic when finances are scarce. I signed up to this because I thought it would benefit my health, to take daily walks and have the company of a four-legged friend, but instead I’ve actually wasted time continuously reaching out to the HQ and their members and getting nothing back in return. As far as I can tell, it’s a total fraud. 


The response from BMD was a good, caring one:

“Reply from BorrowMyDoggy

19 Apr 2021

Hi there, 

I’m really sorry to hear about your negative experience. 

Unfortunately with the information you have provided here I am unable to see your exact correspondence with the Help Team but we do try our very best to facilitate matches between members. 

We also have a 30 day money-back guarantee as we understand that not all experiences may be successful so we can offer a full refund within this period. If you are outside of this period then we will do our very best to help members to find a match, and as much as we try this may not always be successful. 

We are also aware that due to the Covid-19 pandemic it has sometimes been trickier to find a match so we are more than happy to offer you an extension of your membership if you would like to.

We are also always willing and happy to keep reaching out on members behalf and as we have new members signing up every day there may be some new members who would be a really great match for you. 

Please do get back in touch if there is anything else that we can do.

Kind Regards, BorrowMyDoggy”

We are not sure what else they could do in those circumstances, given COVID etc. Sometimes there will not be a dog to borrow, and with COVID meeting people has become more difficult generally at the moment.

Here’s another example:

Waste of time

I recently registered for an account on this website in order to find a suitable dog walker through them but this has been nothing but a big waste of time. All of the people that I have contacted through this have not been serious about wanting to do this. 

And when I asked for my money back during the 30 day cancellation window, they refused on the basis that I broke some of their T&C rules. 

So please save yourselves the aggravation and spend the money with an actual dog walker, rather than wasting it on this site.”

Again, we thought that the response from BMD was exemplary:

“Hi Alen,

Thank you for getting in touch and for your feedback.

We appreciate that feeling like you have wasted your time must be disappointing.

As borrowers do not get paid, sometimes it does take a bit of time to find your perfect match, as perhaps a borrower’s circumstances, or the amount of time they can commit, may change. We feel that the effort is worth it, as when you do find a match, it can turn out to be a great arrangement for all parties. Borrowers can build a strong bond with their borrowed dog, and will likely continue looking after the same dog for the long-term 🙂

Additionally, our friendly help team are here and happy to help. We want to make sure that you get the most out of your membership, and so we are happy to reach out to borrowers on your behalf to speed up the matching process.

It looks like you’ve got over 200 verified borrowers within a 3 mile radius of you, which is amazing news! The key to finding a match is to message lots of these borrowers – the more you message, the more likely you are to find a match. We also recommend using our search filters provided, so that you can narrow down your search to find someone that is more suitable for your needs.

Please do let us know if you have any further questions or feedback, or if you need any help at all in finding a match :)”

Overall view

As we said, we love BMD – for owners and walkers it’s great for dogs to be given attention and affection, and even temporary pets can be fun. For a person who loves dogs but cannot have not, then it’s a great way to meet new dogs, and to get to borrow them. Also, if you have decided to join it’s a super way to meet more people and get a positive experience.

Go join!