French bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and it is no wonder why. They are one of the cutest, funniest looking dogs you will ever see! However, they can be quite expensive to purchase. In this blog post we will discuss the average cost of a french bulldog puppy, as well as some tips on how to save money when buying a French Bulldog.

The average cost of a french bulldog puppy is £1000 – £3000. This price can vary depending on the breeder and the litter size though, so be sure to do your research!

If there are more puppies in the litter then expect an increase in cost per dog because each pup will have less individual care from their mother and father.

A great way to save money when buying a French Bulldog is by taking advantage of pre-owned older dogs that may require some extra TLC or medical attention due to health problems, but who still need lots of love just like any other pet. Check out rescues for neglected animals as well if you’re looking for a new best friend at a low/aff

How much are french bulldog puppies?

The price tags for a Frenchie puppy can be steep. The cost of these types of dogs is partly due to the high cost production and care. Frenchies you need to pay anywhere from $1000-3000 for a pup.

Rescue French Bulldogs

Don’t forget that French Bulldogs are frequently mistreated or abandoned. This is because they can require a lot of care and vet fees are expensive due to the breathing conditions commonly developed by this breed.

Ongoing Costs

When it comes down to it, owning any type or breed dog is an investment in time, money, and effort–but some breeds tend to come with higher prices than others when you take into account both upfront costs as well as ongoing expenses such as vet bills or pet insurance premiums.

French Bulldogs can be very expensive dogs to own because as flat-faced dogs they commonly develop breathing conditions which require expensive surgery.

French Bulldog Insurance

Because of these high vet fees for french bulldogs it is a good idea to get pet insurance for them. However, those costs also means pet insurance for French Bulldogs can be very expensive. Some brands won’t even insure French Bulldogs at all. But don’t give up. It is worth shopping around to get the best value pet insurance cover for you and your dog.

At Emerald Life we insure many French Bulldogs for a much more reasonable premium than other providers. Get a quote now and see how much you could save.