Unoccupied House Insurance provides cover for unoccupied properties. This type of policy will cover the property against damage caused by theft, fire, storm or vandalism. It also covers unoccupied premises against malicious acts such as graffiti and arson. 

Why should I buy unoccupied house insurance with you?

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What is unoccupied home insurance?

You may already have house insurance cover but unoccupied House Insurance is a policy that protects unoccupied homes from damage or theft. It covers a home in the event of fire, storm, vandalism, and malicious acts such as graffiti and arson. 

If you plan to make a trip to your holiday home or be away from your empty home for more than a month you should purchase Unoccupied House Insurance as empty houses are normally considered higher risk by an insurer therefore normal home insurance may not cover you if you are away from your home for more than 1 month. If you fail to tell your insurance provider you will leave your house unoccupied you may be unable to make a claim.

Do I need unoccupied house insurance?

If you intend to leave an unoccupied property you should contact your insurance provider and take out some unoccupied property insurance cover for your empty house. 

Standard home insurance cover does not automatically cover unoccupied home insurance as your house will be considered a higher risk due to an increased chance of leaks, breaking in, and flooding.

Unoccupied property insurance is typically needed for leaving your house vacant for 30 – 60 days however, you will need to check with your current home insurance provider.

How much does it cost to insure an unoccupied house?

Insurance providers will normally charge a more expensive premium due to the increased risk on a home thats going to be unoccupied. The cost will vary depending on Your home size and location. Your unoccupied home insurance policy could cost you anything between £100-£500 per year depending on your unoccupied home size.

Why would I even need unoccupied home insurance?

If you are ever out of the country for an extended amount of time, whether that’s abroad or just visiting family. Unoccupied home insurance can cover theft, vandalism, and also damage caused by water leaks or burst pipes as well as other risks such as a fire.

If your looking for unoccupied home insurance, make sure that it’s covered against all of those problems mentioned above before signing up.

Requirements for unoccupied home insurance:

If you own an unoccupied home then you will be eligible for unoccupied home insurance cover, you will have to tell your insurer how long you intend to be away for which will be one of the factors in determining the cost.

When your property is left unoccupied for long periods of time you will be expected to still keep close contact with the home to check for things like attempted theft or vandalism.

If you leave your unoccupied properties for months or years you may be required to purchase additional security to make sure your home is secure. Unoccupied homes can be invaded by squatters or vandalised if left unchecked for too long. You must check the exact agreement with your insurance providers to make sure you will be eligible to make a claim.

Features of unoccupied home insurance:

The amount of cover you receive will be reflected in the unoccupied home insurance cost.

Some things you may want to be covered would be damage caused by unauthorized entry, weather damage e.g if the roof has been damaged and there is a risk of rain entering inside or accidental damage such as flooding which could cause major problems for example if it happens when you are away on holiday.

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Can you insure a vacant property?

You can also insure an empty property, this is referred to as vacant property insurance. You may want vacant home insurance if you are away for a long time, unoccupied home insurance may not be sufficient.

Is vavant home insurance expensive?

Vacant home insurance is not necessarily expensive, you may find it’s cheaper than unoccupied house insurance. It depends on your circumstances. Usually, unoccupied home insurance covers are more expensive to have as you are leaving your home less safe and more open to squatters and break-ins.

What is the difference between vacant and unoccupied?

A vacant house usually refers to a property that has no possessions or people who are going to be inside. An unoccupied come will have the possessions inside which makes unoccupied property insurance often more expensive as your possessions will be more at risk.

Can I insure a house I don’t live in?

Insuring your unoccupied home is a safe bet when leaving your property unattended for extended periods of time you will be expected to have someone check your property every 14 days. Some people own insurance for their unoccupied home so they can travel the globe or because they have more than one home. 

Whatever the case, if you have an empty home you should make sure to take out legal cover to protect against attempted theft or unexpected damages.

Why might property be unoccupied?

Sometimes homeowners will leave their empty house for an extended period as they attempt to sell the property. 

Some people will be living in more than one house so may spend months out of the country or just have no need to return. If you have a standard home insurance policy and do not inform their insurer about your empty property you may invalidate your agreement and they may not have to provide cover. 

Your home could be classed as an unoccupied property if you are having renovation completed on it for a long period of time. It’s important to check with your insurance policy as some home insurance providers will want to know the type of work being done on your house and for what period of time you plan to leave your property unoccupied. 

What circustances will I be insured for?

Most unoccupied insurance will have contents insurance cover and liability cover for when you leave your property vacant.

You can of course choose to have a different level of cover, you might only want the property insured for unoccupied building damage, or perhaps you would like buildings and contents covered too.

You may not be covered for valuables and portable items like a bike as you would be expected to bring it with you.

If any of your unoccupied properties experience unforced entry you will also not receive your cover as leaving windows or doors open is your own fault.

How can I get a quote for my unocupied house

We can insure you! 

Empty property insurance is not the kind of standard policy you’ll see advertised by big brands on television. Unoccupied properties pose a higher risk of attempted theft and malicious damage as well as bigger costs if a leak goes unnoticed from burst pipes.

These could all be expensive if you had to make a claim for them and so if a home is unoccupied it needs specialist unoccupied house insurance.

You can find these specialists by searching for empty property insurance and this is often a much more manual process than just going through a comparison site as these insurance providers tend to be quite small.

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