What Are The Financial Issues Affecting Women?

Women face huge inequalities in financial decisions. Our home insurance and travel insurance policies have been made to help women in the same way as the LGBT community.

Our travel insurance includes on-the-ground consular care to help with any travel emergencies. Our home insurance includes discrimination cover which extends to social media defamation cover and employment. Overall Emerald believes women should feel empowered in financial decisions like buying insurance.

This forms part of our equality and diversity efforts that include visiting corporations and talking to staff about issues facing women as well as the LGBT+ community.

Heidi McCormack, CEO of Emerald, explains our ethos.

Equality. It’s absolutely at the core of what everyone does. One of the largest cohorts. No actually the largest cohort is women that we focus on. Women are much more likely to be under insured and much less likely to save as much as men. As a matter of fact about 30 percent less likely. And when you get women in an age group of 40 and above that gap actually cannot be overcome. Even through extending work years to have enough savings when you’re in a retirement age. So part of what insurers don’t do and what Emerald is about doing is speaking to women making them heroes and educating them. Starting as early as we possibly can in insurable populations. So that those gaps narrow and eventually are no longer in existence.