Part of the Community

Not Just Insurance For The Gay And Lesbian Community

As a company, our first priority is – and always will be – providing the LGBT community with equality of experience, starting with thoughtful insurance for gay and lesbian customers.

But coming a close second on our list of priorities is the desire to always be a trusted, valued, and active part of the LGBT community. We want to be more than just a service provider.

Refusing to settle

A worrying aspect of the financial, care and insurance industries is that they very rarely consider the particular needs of the LGBT community. Because these industries have a broad offering, they tend to develop ‘one size fits all’ products and services. This can mean that those products and services often don’t meet the specific needs or wants of Emerald’s customers.

It was this lack of attention towards the LGBT community that sparked us into action and drove us to launch Emerald Life. We hope that one day Emerald will come to represent equality of experience for LGBT consumers everywhere. And become a trusted and passionate presence within the community.

Part of the LGBT community

So what got us here? Well, we think our people are a big part of it. Our entire team carries a resolute enthusiasm for being involved in LGBT issues and causes, beyond simply insurance.

Steve Wardlaw, one of our founders, is a long-standing champion of issues around LGBT equality. He is recognised as being amongst the top LGBT business leaders in the UK (most recently by The Daily Telegraph and Financial Times). Meanwhile, Steve’s co-founder, Heidi McCormack, has worked internationally and been a strong supporter of LGBT issues. While in Russia, she helped roll out AIDS awareness education programmes, platforms and support groups to companies, teaching managers how to be more supportive and educating HR departments on legal and medical issues.

And as our team continues to expand, everyone who calls Emerald Life their employer understands why we have a real and active interest in the LGBT community as a whole.

Our partners and LGBT advocacy

Being a genuine part of the gay and lesbian community means advocating the organisations and causes that are positively affecting it. For us, this manifests itself through our partnerships. We’ve already developed a host of strong bonds with the LGBT community and advocacy groups – which we believe will improve the lives of the UK’s gay and lesbian population, whether they’re customers of ours or not.

Our current partners include Stonewall, the Albert Kennedy Trust, Diversity Role Models, the Human Dignity Trust and P3. And as we grow, so will our list of collaborations.

The Emerald Difference

From our own background, and with everything we’ve learnt about the diverse community we’re serving, we’ve created a frank way of describing The Emerald Difference – the attitude that we think sets us apart as a company.

How We See Ourselves: 

  • We are an insurance company aiming to protect and represent the gay and lesbian community
  • We’re committed to expanding our product and service offering specifically tailored towards the LGBT
  • If we don't properly understand an area, then we will work hard to make sure that we do
  • We ask for feedback and we listen
  • We're as passionate about delivering exceptional service as you are about receiving it

If you feel there's something that we need to add, please let us know. That's exactly what our charter is about. Otherwise, watch this space to see how Emerald Life grows within the LGBT community – and hopefully improves the lives of our customers, our friends and our community in general.

Human Dignity Trust
Diversity Role Models
The Albert Kennedy Trust