Emerald Life Brand Launch – together forever

The launch of our brand video – #TogetherForever 

Emerald Life is today delighted to launch our brand film, which features commentary from our co-founders Steve and Heidi, behind the scenes footage of our ad campaign shoots, adorable children and the occasional cameo from the Chairman’s own dog – Calvin.

The film and accompanying ad campaign was made in partnership with Boutique Marketing, who have worked tirelessly to produce the beautiful materials.

“One size doesn’t fit all. Versatility is key – the gay and lesbian community is not just one big segment, but made up of different people of varying personalities, needs and outlooks when it comes to buying insurance.” Uwern Jong, Managing Director Boutique Marketing

Our Together Forever film is designed to deliver Emerald’s core values, the community orientated aspirations of the company, and the thought process behind our ad campaign, which inclusively feature real people, in their real home situations.

Those featured in our brand video, and the adverts you might have seen in a number of publications over the last week, are central to the ethos and messaging Emerald is focused on becoming known for. Our thanks again to all.

 Ad Collage2

Behind the overall development of our brand communications is Emerald Life’s Director of Marketing, Irene Zalami, who has been the driving force of the production of this film and the accompanying ad campaign.  

“Our #TogetherForever launch campaign focuses on the loves, lives and passions of REAL gay and lesbian people. We understand that forging long term relationships are crucial to the community – with each other, our brands and the things we love – whether in their homes, lives, with their pets, their other halves, their choice of travel destination.

Stock photography is instantly recognised as such. It often appears staged, disingenuous, contrived and lacks true emotion. One thing we have been very careful to do is use real people (not models) in genuine situations – real families, real pets and real couples showcased together. Naturally, those connections and emotions become prevalent.

Brands should strive to develop an intimate understanding of community needs, concerns and our unique diverse qualities in order to communicate on a level we relate to.” Irene Zalami, Director of Marketing. 


Our thanks to Tim and his bicycle, Ian and his Dr Who inspired scarf; thanks also to Buster and his two Daddies, Mark and Manuel. Young Thomas steals the show with his two Mummies as does baby Jerome who appears with his parents Michael and Rupert. Another canine star is Truman the poodle, who leads his loving owner Matt over dinner.

Our sincere thanks also to our other models soon to be featured on our website and upcoming print and digital ad campaigns – Nuala, Jo, Helena, Ingrid & Courtney, Suran & Sonny, Iain & Giancarlo and the delightful Jeff & Alex. 

Please email marketing@emeraldlife.co.uk if you’d like to be featured in our upcoming campaign shoot.