International Transgender Day of Visibility at Emerald Life

International Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual occasion which allows all of society the opportunity to celebrate the contributions members of the Trans community make at home and abroad.

And that’s no different at Emerald Life. Today, we celebrate our Trans brothers and sisters, calling for more visibility and greater equality across all industries, underlining our support for Trans people everywhere.

But what does Emerald Life do in particular where Trans equality is concerned?

Emerald Life wants to be known for its ability to listenlearn and then to make meaningful actions having educated ourselves fully, including by engaging with experts. That’s why we have established two satellite groups that directly inform business decisions at Emerald, our LGBT Families group and of course, our T-Squad.

Celebrating our T-Squad

T-Squad is a team of men and women who, through lived experience, advise Emerald on Trans diversity and inclusion. This ranges from the language we use in our policies, to conversations our call centre team members have with customers over the phone. They also directly advise us on just how insurance products specifically designed for the Trans community should look, and what would make them purpose built and practical for Trans people today.

The launch of Emerald Life this week rings the start of a new era where financial services and equality meet. With our four initial products – Home, Term Life, Wedding and Pet – we have provided purpose built insurance offerings for gay and lesbian people. Thanks to T-Squad, we will soon be able to offer products like this, designed from scratch, truly practical and delivered exactly to meet the modern needs of Trans people in the UK today. We are revolutionary in this respect.

T-Squad meets regularly to discus Trans equality in all areas, not least financial services, and each meeting is attending by the Chairman of Emerald, Steve Wardlaw and Heidi McCormack, CEO.

Reach out to T-Squad

You can learn more about our T-Squad, and the people who make up this special advisory group by visiting the page on our site. They would love to have your feedback, please contact by emailing

Happy International Trans Day of Visibility.