Landlord insurance Scotland is easily available and affordable with Emerald Life. We cover all of the United Kingdom as well as the Channel Islands and you can get all of that online.

While landlord insurance is regulated in Scotland more or less the same as in the rest of the UK, there are plenty of reasons why Emerald Life landlord insurance could be better for landlords in Scotland.

To get a quote and see if we could save you money, all you need to do is visit our fast online quote form – or call us if you get stuck. Our system will use the postcode of the property you wish to insure to generate the right price for your location.

In Scotland you also have the advantage that most properties are sold freehold and so you have much more control over the property. However that does mean that the buildings insurance is more frequently your responsibility, unlike elsewhere in the UK where leaseholds mean it is usually up to the freeholder. So that means that often your cover should include your contents (of course) but also if you live in a flat then also a proportion of the rebuild value. As flats are usually insured on the basis of contents and not buildings, you will need to select ‘house’ when you get your online quote. And remember that if you need any help with getting a quote, or specially-trained agents are always at the end of a phone line!

Types of Property

Scotland is a rich and diverse country with thriving cities and empty forests. You might have a full House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) in a town or city – something we can cover with no problem, and again you can get a quote for landlord insurance Scotland completely online.

On the other hand, perhaps you have a large pile in the countryside? Maybe you run it as a short-term let or AirBnB. Again neither of these situations should be a problem to insure with Emerald Life.

The same goes for blocks of flats, and if you have a portfolio we can also cover multiple properties with a discount.

Student Tenants

Scotland is home is to some world renowned educational institutions including Edinburgh and Glasgow universities.

Student landlord insurance can seem a burden as you need to find an insurer willing to take on the slightly higher risk of student tenants without massively increasing the premium.

At Emerald Life, not only can we cover student tenants as well as tenants on benefits, you may find us more competitive than similar cover.

What Does Our Landlord Insurance Scotland Cover?

Our landlord insurance Scotland includes all the benefits of our landlord insurance that we offer right across the UK.

That includes comprehensive buildings cover – which is the most important aspect to protect your investment in the property and is usually required by buy to-let mortgage lenders.

Then there’s landlord contents insurance – meaning cover for your own possessions in the property. That could include things like furniture, ornaments and appliances.

And don’t forget about liability cover. If someone is injured on the property they could sue you. That’s why we provide up to £5 million of legal cover to cover your costs and any damages in the event that the worst happens.

What Does Landlord Insurance Scotland Cost?

It is very difficult to say what your price will ultimately be until you get a quote. It will depend on a series of factors, some about you and some about the property.

Scotland as a whole is unlikely to be priced much differently to anywhere else in the UK. That’s because pricing is based on risk. A lot of that risk is determined by your postcode and includes aspects like flood risk, crime rate and subsidence. In Scotland, many properties are close to water, which often puts off the major insurers from offering a quote at all. Not at Emerald – you may need to call us to answer a few more questions but often we can take a constructive view if, for example your house is near a river but actually way up a bank or hill.

If you own a manor on an estate far from other people, it is likely that you are at a considerably reduced risk of crime compared to being in a city.

On the other hand, a HMO in central Glasgow is likely to have a different risk.

After your postcode there are a wide array of factors that go into pricing including your tenants, your claims history and the building itself. Landlord insurance Scotland is designed to take this all into account.