Multi property landlord insurance means you can save time and money by getting your whole property portfolio insured with the same provider and get a discount at the same time.

At Emerald Life, our personal approach means multi-property landlord insurance is no problem. You can call or email us your requirements and we’ll take it from there.

Our job is to make your admin as simple as possible. For big multi-property portfolios, we will look to assign you a named individual who will handle the initial purchase, renewals and sort out a nice discount for you in the process.

Multi Property Landlord Insurance Benefits

Portfolio policies with Emerald Life benefit from a generous discount. Plenty of landlords save money by switching to Emerald Life anyway, but our multi property landlord insurance discount can reduce that even further.

Then there’s the admin side. A multi-property landlord portfolio can be sorted all at once and so you only have to consider renewal once a year. We can sort out partial-year properties by cancelling a policy at the time when others are due for renewal and unlike many other insurers, we don’t charge an admin fee for any changes or cancellation, so this can be done without any additional charges.

At Emerald Life, we have even taken property details from customers via email or spreadsheet and entered all the data for them. You give us the information and we’ll give you a price as soon as we can.

Besides that, multi property landlord insurance includes all the benefits of our landlord insurance for single properties.

With multiple properties there is certainly a higher chance of something going wrong with at least one of your properties. While your financial returns increase with extra properties, so do the potential liabilities. It is therefore wise to consider multi property landlord insurance to cover all your properties.

Buildings Cover

Buildings cover is there to help with ongoing damage as well as reinstatement in the event that a property is completely destroyed.

It is therefore important to get an accurate idea of your rebuild value and insure for that amount. Note that rebuild value – and therefore your buildings cover value – is not the same as the market value of your properties.

That’s because you already own the land and the market value doesn’t necessarily reflect what it would cost to rebuild the property, which is usually less. And so for multi property landlord insurance you just need to add that all together.

Contents Cover

Landlord contents insurance gives you cover for items you own in the property like curtains, carpets and appliances.

At Emerald Life we provide £5000 of landlord contents cover free, while higher levels are also available.

This doesn’t cover damage by tenants but does mean in the even of fire or burglary then your own possessions at the property are covered.

Keep in mind that landlord contents insurance does not cover tenants’ contents. For this they should look into getting their own contents insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

The chances of rare accidents are also multiplied with multiple properties. If someone is injured on your property then you risk being sued for damages.

Property owner’s liability cover can help cover your legal costs in the event something like this does happen.

That could be anything from a falling roof tile to a tenant or contractor tripping over carpet.

Most good home insurance policies include public liability cover as standard and with Emerald Life landlord insurance you can choose between £2 million and £5 million of cover.

Cover For Lost Rent

If your property is made uninhabitable then we offer cover for your lost rent while it is unoccupied, up to the limit set out in the policy document. Imagine having a major incident like a fire or flood, and while the insurance helps with most of the costs you are left with the additional headache of lost income. That can be especially difficult if you have a buy-to-let mortgage and need to maintain your payments.

Landlord Rent Guarantee insurance is another product you may wish to consider with other insurers but be sure to understand the circumstances under which you can claim. You are normally expected to bring eviction proceedings against the tenant in order to do so.

Types of Property And Tenant

If you have a portfolio that needs insuring the chances are you may have different types of properties and tenants.

That is not normally a problem as Emerald landlord insurance can include students and DSS tenants in properties including blocks of flats, HMOs and more, including in Northern Ireland.

These are all instances where some insurers may struggle to cover you. In particular, larger insurers often don’t want to go the extra mile to provide cover for special circumstances.

With Emerald Life every customer matters and we will work with you to help you find the cover that’s right for you.