When buying a house, most prospective homeowners look for home insurance to protect them against damage and destruction to the property. Considering most mortgage lenders demand you have cover before borrowing, home insurance is often an essential purchase. However, some customers find many insurance products are not available to them.

In that case you need to find an insurer that is open to more specialist policies. At Emerald Life we provide cover for a wide range of situations including:

  • Renovations
  • Non-standard construction
  • New builds with unrecognised postcodes
  • Unoccupied homes

If you fall into a category of someone who needs specialised home insurance, you need to find a company that provides unique cover. In this situation, homeowners can often find their choices limited by carriers who deny them cover. Luckily, there are some insurers that can help and we will discuss one in this HomeProtect review.

Below we will look at HomeProtect, an insurance company that claims to take an inclusive approach to home insurance cover. Considering that’s exactly our area of expertise here at Emerald Life, we decided to directly compare our own solutions with the HomeProtect home insurance cover.

Should You Get Home Insurance?

Perhaps the first thing many homeowners ask themselves is whether they need home insurance. After-all, there are no legal requirements to have home insurance in the UK. As mentioned, many mortgage lenders will only borrow on the condition that you have buildings insurance. But what if you are paying upfront for a property?

Well, while there is no legal requirement, failure to buy home insurance could be one of the most expensive cost-cutting measures you ever take. Without insurance, you will be on the hook to pay for any damage or destruction to the structure and contents of your home. Considering property repairs can be hugely expensive, paying a little each month for home insurance is a better option.

What Does HomeProtect Offer?

HomeProtect is an independent home insurance specialist that aims to deliver cover to customers in unique situations. The HomeProtect home insurance cover is underwritten by AXA. Policies are available for people who have specific personal requirements or properties that are not common. For example, customers who have a high claims history or those who live in property in flood-risk areas.

Among the unique properties HomeProtect will insure include barn conversions, listed buildings, houses with subsidence, timber frame constructions, and more. Furthermore, they aim to tailor to a more inclusive range of customers, such as those with poor credit who cannot find cover through other insurers.

Certainly, if you have been refused home insurance by another company, it is worth getting a quote from HomeProtect. As a minimum, the company pledges to give a proper reason if it cannot offer you a policy.

Policies available at HomeProtect come in three tiers:

  • Buildings Insurance: Cover for the structure of your property, including the cost of a total rebuild if the home is destroyed. Buildings insurance also covers boundary structures and outbuildings.
  • Contents Insurance: Covers the belongings you own. This is insurance for your “stuff”, covering against loss, damage, fire, and theft.
  • Buildings and Contents Insurance: A combination policy that bundles buildings insurance and contents insurance together.

At Emerald Life, we provide free legal cover when you take out a standard home insurance policy. This is something that breaks industry standards, with most home insurance providers selling this additional cover as anoptional extra. It is nice to see HomeProtect also offers legal cover as standard.

However, HomeProtect does not provide cover for lost keys as standard, meaning you will have to spend more to add this perk your policy. All Emerald Life buildings insurance policies come with replacement of locks and keys with no extra charge. Another notable addition to the Emerald Life home insurance policy is cover for your possessions and pedal cycles.

How Far Does Inclusivity Go?

HomeProtect prides itself on being inclusive and providing insurance products to more types of customers. That’s excellent news for homeowners with special insurance circumstances. However, HomeProtect only means inclusivity in the insurance sense.

At Emerald Life, we offer inclusive insurance in the strictest sense of the term. All our products are available to all customers without compromise. We want those who are under-represented in society to have access to insurance products. Emerald Life was created to ensure those in non-traditional families, minority groups, and are LGBQT+ can get insurance without discrimination.

Yes, we also provide excellent home insurance cover that is available to any other customer too. Furthermore, like HomeProtect, we also specialise in delivering home insurance to customers with unique insurance circumstances.

Let’s be clear, it is not that HomeProtect will not work with you if you are part of an under-represented group. The company has stellar customer ratings that reflect its reputation with consumers, who mostly like what’s on offer. It’s just that the company is not focused on this aspect of inclusivity, whereas Emerald Life is, and provides insurance with an open mind.

Knowing What You Are Getting

One problematic area of the HomeProtect experience is the company’s website. Simply put, finding exact details about what their policy offers is not easy. Or more accurately, you need to dig around a bit online to find the basics of the home insurance policy. Sure, that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, but it is annoying for customers when they are comparing policies.

We don’t expect customers to have to open policy PDFs to know the basics of what we offer. Yes, you can access the policy documentation if you choose, but Emerald Life makes the basics of its home insurance policy easily accessible on our website.


HomeProtect is a good choice for home insurance if you have specific policy needs or are in a unique situation. For example, a claims history or you live in an uncommon type of property. In these circumstances, you can get buildings insurance and contents insurance from HomeProtect even if other insurers have turned you down.

However, Emerald Life takes this inclusive approach further by giving under-represented customers a place to buy the type of unique coverage available at HomeProtect.

While we naturally recommend our own product, we also advise anyone reading this article to head to both HomeProtect and Emerald Life to properly compare the policies, and decide which one is best based on their own individual needs before getting a quote online.