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It’s easy to forget that weddings and civil partnerships are an expensive, emotional business – what with the ring, outfits, venue and food. The right wedding insurance could protect you from things going wrong before your big day.

This guide will take you through wedding insurance: what it covers, how much it costs and how to get the best wedding insurance cover for you.

Wedding Insurance and Coronavirus

We hope that this is all behind us but of course thousands of couples have faced big disruption in recent times due to Coronavirus.

At Emerald Life we went from being a relatively small wedding insurance provider to be catapulted into helping thousands of couples during lockdown.You can see some of the hugely positive feedback we’ve received in our Feefo reviews.

Check out our FAQs below to find out. more above COVID and other important questions on wedding cover.

What is Wedding Insurance Cover?

Wedding insurance covers the cost of a cancelled or postponed event, that needs to be cancelled because of one or more specific events, such as if one partner is too ill to attend. It also covers any collateral damage or failures, such as if a wedding supplier fails to show on the day. Here at Emerald we have seen everything from postponements after one of the couple broke their leg skiing, to replacing wedding dresses that got the ‘angry pet cat’ treatment! We can direct you as to the best way to proceed in those circumstances.

There are also various ‘add-on’ options that you may need or want. In most standard wedding policies, third party liability cover is limited, so we have options to raise the overall cover, as well as to cover the guests at the wedding, rather than just the wedding couple. And if you need it, we also have cover for marquees and ceremonial swords

Who Needs Wedding Insurance Policies?

If your dream wedding day involves significant expenditure on items like the outfits, venue and catering then you may well wish to consider wedding insurance.

To put it another way, how much would you lose if you or your partner were ill on the day and you had to cancel?

Similarly if a single supplier went bankrupt – such as the venue or caterer – and you lost your deposit what would that amount to?

If either of those costs sound painful, then you may want to consider the relatively small cost of wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance is not an ongoing cost like many other insurance policies. You just have to pay one upfront payment which will depend on the cost of your wedding.

How To Buy Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is generally a very simple product without the complex questions you may be used to when applying for other insurance products.

We typically ask for basic information including the participants’ names and dates of birth and the location of the wedding ceremony and reception.

The most important question is how much the wedding is going to cost in total and this will help you to decide the level of cover you need.

If your wedding ends up looking to cost more than you expected you can let us know and pay to upgrade the cover.

One point to remember with wedding insurance is it does not have to be the first thing you buy. Providing you have no reason to suspect you’ll need to claim, you can buy wedding insurance right up to 14 days before your wedding and still have cover for the payments you have made.
To buy wedding insurance, simply get a quote from Emerald in minutes. Answer the questions and select the level of cover you need.

Then you can see prices and decide if you would like to go ahead.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Wedding insurance aims to reimburse you for irrecoverable costs should something go wrong on your wedding day.

Wedding or civil partnership insurance covers your deposits and other costs if you have to cancel or rearrange for one of these reasons: illness, death in the family, bereavement or having an accident that prevents you from getting married (please see the relevant policy definitions).

This includes costs such as catering, equipment, attire, cakes and rings. Wedding insurance can also cover public liability and damage to rental items like marquees.

Of course, wedding insurance policies cannot cover everything and so you should read your wedding insurance policy carefully to check you level of cover and any terms and conditions attached.

Is Wedding Insurance Worth Getting?

This is something for each couple to decide when they are planning their wedding. Wedding insurance may be worth getting if you have a lot of deposits or costs to cover on your wedding day, or if the loss of these might cause a significant financial burden on you.

What is the best wedding insurance to buy?

At Emerald Life we are proud of our wedding insurance product. However, as a regulated financial services provider we are unable to give advice as to the suitability of a product to your particular needs. Have a look at our cover levels and policy wording to decide if our wedding insurance is right for you.

Keep in mind that simply searching for the least expensive wedding insurance may not give you the most suitable result for you. Looking at reviews may help you decide.

How much wedding insurance do you need?

This will depend on the overall cost of your wedding. The overall cost of your wedding should be insured.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost UK?

We suggest that you take just a few minutes to get a quote from Emerald and we hope that you will find the cover you are looking for and peace of mind.


No, wedding insurance is just a one-off payment, showing what excellent value for money it is.

This is known as "disinclination to proceed" and is not an insured reason for cancellation, sadly. However, you may be able to claim for cost of professional counselling under Section 9 of the policy.

Most existing medical conditions are insured automatically, both for the Couple and also their close relatives. There is no cover, however, for Pre-existing medical conditions that have resulted in a terminal prognosis or where the condition is awaiting treatment or investigation at a hospital or you are awaiting the results of tests or investigations, unless you have declared details to us and we have agreed to insure them. You can call us to discuss a medical condition 0330 113 7190.

Then you may claim for any irrecoverable deposits that you may have paid and also for the necessary additional costs in arranging an equivalent alternative. A definition of wedding service suppliers is included in the policy wording.

Yes - you will be covered for the additional costs of rearranging a suitable alternative venue for the same day, if that is possible, or irrecoverable amounts and additional costs of having to cancel and rearrange the whole event for a later day.

The marrying couple’s Public liability is included as standard up to £2m. There is an optional extension available to add cover for the liabilities of your wedding party guests up to £2m in total. This can be further increased to be £5m with the additional extension.

Before you cancel a Wedding and/or a Wedding Reception, we strongly recommend that you call our claims helpline on 0333 234 3723 to understand the scope of your cover. We don't want you to be in a position where you cancel the Wedding and/or the Wedding Reception, but then find out that you are not covered.

No - you will need to take out separate travel insurance for your honeymoon or overseas wedding trip, which would normally include cancellation cover if you are not able to travel as planned.

Yes, there is an excess of £100 applicable under all sections of the policy, except for the Public Liability sections (sections 12, 13 & 14) which have an excess of £250.